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NATURES Collection: Living and breathing natural products

February 20, 2024

NATURES Collection constantly designs new processes that allow the company to reuse, recycle and recover materials in their entirety, so that no waste is made during the production of cushions, rugs, furniture and more. Working with a material as durable and sustainable as sheepskins, it is even more important for NATURES Collection to make the effort to make everything in the production just as sustainable.

Made in Denmark

At NATURES Collection, they take pride in presenting the "Made in Denmark" collection, where exclusive furniture and interior pieces crafted from natural sheepskin in Danish design come to life through collaborations with the NC Studio and NC Workshop.


The production hub is strategically located in the heart of Denmark, where the NC Studio handles special orders with utmost care. All products within the "Made in Denmark" collection are meticulously crafted in-house at the NC Studio, ensuring a premium quality and an exceptional experience upon receiving the NC product.


This collection stands as a testament to NATURES Collection's dedication to creating exquisite furniture and interior items using natural sheepskin, enriched with the essence of Danish design. Developed collaboratively by the NC Studio and NC Workshop, the collection embodies a fusion of artistry and innovation.

With the privilege of partnering with the world's finest sheepskin, compromises become obsolete. Boundaries fade away, opening up a realm of possibilities as they leverage the unparalleled qualities of this premium material. In addition to catering to custom-made orders, the "Made in Denmark" concept extends its influence to the "Art of Nature" collection. This assortment includes beautiful pillows in natural shapes, exclusive rugs, impressive pouffes, and more – all crafted from natural sheepskin sourced from New Zealand. Each piece is carefully chosen with a commitment to high quality, a natural aesthetic, and sustainability.

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About NATURES Collection

NATURES Collection takes pride in developing all designs themselves, from first sketch to finished product. The company hand-picks the best suppliers from across the world for the production, ensuringt hat quality is never compromised. NATURES Collection combines the best materials with a proud tradition of craftmanship and each product tells its own unique story. They only work with materials that live up to their standards of quality, image and sustainability and every item is checked extensively in look and feel before reaching the shelves.


NATURES Collection strives to make brilliant design and style accessible to the largest possible audience. Inspired by Nordic Living and with roots deeply grounded in the heartland of Denmark, the company seeks to bring Nordic design and inspiration to customers around the world.


The products are designed in-house and sold through a growing network of distributors in more than 70 countries throughout the world covering Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, Africa, and Asia. The products vary in expression, but never in durability, quality, or originality.