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Naver Collection: Taking pride in every detail

August 21, 2023

Naver Collection takes pride in every detail. This sentence always been their guideline when designing, producing, and constantly developing the Naver Collection. Every piece of furniture is produced in Denmark by cabinetmakers who honour the classic principals and traditions and know that the detail makes the difference.

Taking pride in every detail

Every piece of furniture in the Naver Collection is produced in Denmark by cabinetmakers who pay attention to details and honour classic principals and traditions.


Naver Collection create new impressions in wood and dare to challenge new shapes and innovative materials that create contrast and complements the wood.


The team continuously develop new designs according to form and fashion. Terms such as quality of life, function, and ergonomics are always integrated in the contemporary designs.

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About Naver Collection

Naver Collection was founded in 1995 with a desire to create a brand with a complete and up-to-date furniture collection in nature wood that at the same time respects the traditional cabinetmaking craft.


The brand is collaborating with talented Danish designers such as Ebbe Gehl & Søren Nissen, Henrik Lehm, Hans Sandgren, and Susanne Grønlund. The Brand embodies a fusion of creative visions.

Naver Collection is a collaboration between the two companies Aksel KjersgaardA / S (founded 1952) and Gramrode Møbelfabrik A / S (founded 1924).