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Nordlux: Lifting people's quality of life with light

January 4, 2023

Nordlux is passionate about inspiring people to make the most of lighting. The Danish tradition and passion for great lighting combined with world-class technology enables them to deliver a wide range of products with a superior combination of lasting quality, great design, and user-friendly functionality - at competitive prices.

Lifting people's quality of life with light

Nordlux strives to make designs you want to keep for many years, in long-lasting materials and with a timeless design that will not go out of style.  

The three different lamp designs in this case, Glossy, Mademoiselles, and Bring, all build on innovative design ideas that lift people’s quality of life with light.

Glossy is an award-winning design (Red Dot design award 2021) designed by Danish designer Maria Berntsen. It is the epitome of tasteful and sophisticated design – with a touch of Scandinavian minimalism.


Mademoiselles is designed by Danish design studio Mavro//Lefevre. The solid marble base holds the light source that casts  indirect light up towards the round, oversized shade, creating a soft, diffused light.

Glossy and Mademoiselles are primarily made from marble – a very long-lasting, natural material. Nordlux’s Design For The  People design philosophy is to create products that are made to last – both in quality of materials and in design language.

Bring is an award-winning design (EPDA European Product Design Award 2022 and Design Plus powered by Light + Building 2022) designed by Timothy Jacob Jensen and Alasdair McPhail. Bring has a long battery life and a water-resistant surface made from recycled materials, making it ideal for bringing anywhere. The recycled plastic originates from  both waste material from other productions, as well as recycled plastic  bottles.

Nordlux is constantly working on new innovations and technical solutions. Nordlux has been a driving force in the change from  halogen to energy-efficient LED, and in 2022 Nordlux was among the first in the world to launch new EU A-rated bulbs with unrivalled energy efficiency.

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About Nordlux

With a passion for Danish design, long-lasting materials, and making light an extraordinary experience, Nordlux’s mission is to create products you want to bring home. Affordable design that enhances our lives and the spaces surrounding us, creating a comforting feel and ambience.  

Nordlux  Group consists of three brands: Nordlux, Design For The People, and Energetic.