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ReCollector: Making recycling and storage easy, user-friendly, and stylish

February 9, 2023

Waste sorting should be easy and manageable - every day. ReCollector brings you a solution for recycling in a stylish Nordic design made of recycled and recyclable plastic. You can mix and match the sorting boxes to suit your needs and choose between different colors.

Making recycling and storage easy, user-friendly, and stylish

Through anthropological studies of human behavior regarding waste sorting, ReCollector has created a new design solution for recycling based on consumers' requirements, wishes, and needs.

It is wall-mounted, which solves the barrier of lack of space in kitchen drawers and under the sink. In addition, it is created with a wealth of small features that make waste sorting easy and manageable. A stringent, Nordic design in earth colors for storage that does not look like a bin but a stylish piece of interior.


ReCollector is made from recycled plastic and minerals to increase durability. In addition, the product itself can be recycled and is produced in Denmark to reduce the carbon footprint.


Quite simply ReCollector wants to make it easy and attractive to sort waste so that consumers save time, get their mess in order, and remove their bad conscience.

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About ReCollector

ReCollector believes that recycling is a crucial part of a more sustainable future. Through user-driven research, they make waste sorting easy, stylish, and functional in everyday life.  

Their products have a contemporary design and are made from recycled and sustainable materials.

I started ReCollector because I had been unable to find a waste sorting solution with both optimal functions and a stylish design. I am passionate about innovative solutions, and my background in anthropology means I always base my solutions around a concrete need or challenge that is yet to be solved. Coming up with a design solution for waste sorting was totally new to me but a highly meaningful task as it contributes towards something important. We need to look after our planet so future generations can enjoy it the same way we have. I am proud to have created a solution to a real everyday challenge.” - Founder and CEO Tenna Holdorff Christiansen.