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Rockfon: Enhancing student achievement

October 31, 2022

With selected Rockfon products, the recently opened Christine E. Lynn University Centre in Boca Raton, Florida, offers a warm, welcoming place for students to gather. The acoustic stone wool panels, Chicago Metallic® suspension system and Infinity™ perimeter make up the acoustic design of the learning spaces.

Enhancing student achievement through acoustic design

In educational settings and open spaces without acoustic wall panels, a high-performance, sound-absorbing ceiling system plays a critical role in student achievement. The design team behind Christine E. Lynn University Centre selected Rockfon stone wool ceiling panels with a high noise reduction coefficient to increase speech privacy and intelligibility, improve concentration and support a healthy, comfortable learning space.

The white ceiling panels also enhance brighter, energy-efficient interiors. Their surface reflects at least 85% of all light, helping to carry Florida’s abundant natural daylight more deeply into the centre and reducing the need for electric lighting. Stone wool also resists moisture and provides no sustenance for mould, mildew, or potentially harmful bacteria and microorganisms, which can otherwise thrive in Florida’s humid climate.

The LEED Silver-Certified university centre creates a home-away-from-home in Florida for its students who gather from across the globe (LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a national certification system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)). Within the 465,000 m2 campus, the 6,000 m2 student centre supports the university’s goals for sustainability, accessibility, comfort, and safety.

How it works

Used on all three levels of the University Centre, Rockfon Sonar® panels have excellent sound absorption with an NRC of 0.95, coupled with the desirable, elegant aesthetic of their lightly textured, white surface. Gensler specified Rockfon’s acoustic, stone wool ceiling panels with a square tegular, reveal edge that adds shadow and dimension to the interior design.

Complementing Rockfon Sonar’s appearance and performance, Rockfon Artic® panels were installed in the enclosed rooms on the third and second levels. The top floor houses the Social Impact Lab, Watson Institute and coworking spaces. The middle floor encompasses alumni, career, study abroad and flexible conference spaces, plus Christine’s, an upscale pub. Within these spaces, where walls and furnishings offer acoustic absorption, the designers specified a more economical ceiling solution with standard sound absorption of NRC 0.75.

Rockfon® Koral™ ceiling panels have an NRC of 0.85 to balance acoustic comfort within the energetic socialization in the multipurpose rooms on the first floor. Here, students and visitors enjoy on-stage entertainment, group activities and a 24-hour dining hall.

The ground floor also is accessible to Christine’s Park with green space and an amphitheater-style teaching area for outdoor classes.

Emphasizing a connection with nature, local plant surrounds the centre, and students take in views from its floor-to-ceiling windows and terraces.

Owner: Lynn University; Boca Raton, Florida

Architect: Gensler; Tampa, Florida

General contractor: Gerrits Construction, Inc.; Boca Raton, Florida;

Ceiling systems – installing contractor: Sesco Lighting Inc.; Maitland, Florida;

Photo credit: Connie Zhou

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