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Rosan Bosch Studio: Reimagining education

October 26, 2022

Rosan Bosch Studio reimagines education using art, design, and architecture to create innovative learning spaces around the globe.

Reimagining education

We have never asked so much of education systems across the globe as we do today; the future we aspire to requires it. Rosan Bosch Studio is on a mission to ignite an important paradigm shift in education by developing flexible learning environments that adapt to the needs of the student and society at large. In such a process, Rosan Bosch Studio focuses on the physical environment and its role in increasing students’ motivation to learn how they learn best in order to empower them to plan, execute, and reflect on their learning journey.

According to the World Economic Forum, 65% of children entering primary school in the last decade will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that do not yet exist. This information reveals crucial steps that we need to start taking today to support the positive development of our society, starting by transforming and designing learning environments that foster the skills and motivation for life-long learning, and flexible mindsets.

Play is fundamental to children’s positive cognitive evolution, well-being, and their ability to develop research, analytical, and problem-solving skills they will need to succeed in the future. That is why Rosan Bosch Studio designs environments that promote our natural-born curiosity which forms the basis of the desire to play and is the primary driving force for creative and critical thinking as well as learning. Through play, we investigate and discover the world, and we connect with other people as we engage with our surroundings. Play sets the basis for us to explore and refine our competencies, acquire new knowledge, and discover potential throughout our lives.

The public school Go! Campus Zottegem in Belgium (in the pictures) is designed for playful learning. The design principles developed by Rosan Bosch Studio - Mountain Top, Cave, Campfire, Watering Hole, Hands-On, Movement - give form to a differentiated learning landscape, integrating innovative design concepts with forward-thinking pedagogy.

Created to place the learner at the center, the design supports individual needs in different learning situations. While the space planning provides a sense of connection across age groups, a playstreet leads to age-appropriate facilities for 21st-century learning experiences.

Play informs the architectural premise and the materials are carefully chosen to blend seamlessly into their surroundings. Subtle colors, natural light, and stimulating textures infuse the design concept, promoting well-being amongst children and educators while fostering close connections.

Read about the project here.

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About Rosan Bosch Studio

Rosan Bosch Studio designs environments that empower and motivate learners across the globe. Founded in 2011 by artist and designer Rosan Bosch, the studio draws on multiple scientific fields to create learner-centered design solutions that increase motivation and influence learning experiences positively. The studio looks to the built environment and its potential in supporting playful learning. Based on six design principles for learning situations, the studio creates flexible, playful, and diverse learning landscapes. Located in Copenhagen and Madrid, the Rosan Bosch Studio has transformed education for both public and private schools worldwide, using design as a catalyst for learning and creative thinking.