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Skagerak: Seeking the sustainable path

October 26, 2022

Skagerak has a sustainable ambition deeply rooted in the Scandinavian heritage. Their concepts for renting and reselling pre-loved furniture from their brand keeps the furniture in circulation and lives up to their promise to create quality designs that last a lifetime

The sustainable path

Skagerak believes it is time to stop linear thinking and start putting things into circulation. To design items that can be repaired, reused, decomposed, and regenerated. Therefore, the company has launched two new sustainable concepts that make it easier for customers to make the right decisions: Reclassic and RENT.

Reclassic is an online platform with pre-loved Skagerak indoor and outdoor wooden furniture that Skagerak wants to give a new chapter in an ongoing story. They want their furniture to stand the test of time – patinated with age. And if the owners’ need change, it can be passed on to someone else. With Reclassic, the company buys back Skagerak designs, which they then carefully restore and resell online.

RENT is Skagerak’s rental service that makes it easy to furnish your outdoor space while at the same time acting responsibly. With these two initiatives, the company honours valuable materials, keeps them in circulation and lives up to their promise to create furniture that lasts a lifetime.

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About Skagerak

Skagerak is a family-owned company established in 1976 in Denmark. Their primary focus has always been on producing quality furniture, designed to last for generations. Skagerak is an international brand and they have set the bar high to develop products made with sincere craftsmanship, environmental considerations, and a universal aesthetic. For the past fifteen years, Skagerak has actively sought a sustainable path and strive to act responsibly in everything they do – from production, the working conditions of employees and suppliers to responsible business management. That is why the company has been proud members of the UN Global Compact Act since 2010, B Corp since 2017 and FSC TM-certified since 2001.