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SLA: Climate adaptation

October 31, 2022

SLA’s combined climate adaptation and public space project Sankt Kjeld’s Square and Bryggervangen is one of Copenhagen’s largest and greenest cloudburst adaption project to date. The project enhances biodiversity in the city, increases health and quality of life for local citizens, and reduces air pollution and the urban heat island effect.

Combining recreational spaces, biodiversity, and cloudburst protection

SLA’s project on Sankt Kjeld’s Square and Bryggervangen shows how protection against cloudbursts can go hand in hand with green and recreational urban spaces that reduce traffic and strengthen biodiversity. The project creates new nature in the city that is aesthetic, functional, biodiverse, and sustainable. The planted area with 586 new trees of 48 local species gives Copenhageners a strong aesthetic feeling of nature right on their doorstep.

The project protects the area from flooding by containing and delaying rainwater in numerous specially designed green urban spaces. Instead of channelling rainwater into overfilled sewers, the rainwater is instead dealt with locally and thus gives life to plants and trees as well as creating new blue-green nature experiences - in the heart of the city. The city nature solves some of the great challenges the city faces such as noise and air pollution, climate adaption, and the urban heat island effect. While the project at Sankt Kjeld’s Square and Bryggervangen centres around climate adaption, the project also focuses on the additional benefits we get from climate adaptation and nature-based design: the blue, the green, the healthy, the active and the social. In short, all that makes life in the city worth living.

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About SLA

The Danish architecture studio SLA creates modern, adaptable cities that inspire community and diversity through innovative use of nature, design, sustainability, and technology. Their projects solve some of today's hardest urban problems while creating genuine amenity values for all. Based in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Oslo the company form a multidisciplinary architectural lab that constantly strives to challenge and expand the boundaries of urban space, city planning, and landscape architecture. Drawing on their strong Nordic roots SLA have realized numerous projects in Denmark, Europe, Asia, and Africa.