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Studio Roso: Making the extraordinary happen

October 25, 2022

Studio Roso is a creative studio connecting the Danish DNA with an international upbringing. Their work often pursues different routes than the archetypical Danish design tradition and brings a different aesthetic and take on design to Denmark.

Making the extraordinary happen


Studio Roso was founded in London by Rolf Knudsen and Sophie Nielsen. After 20 years abroad, they returned to their roots in Denmark in 2022.


Their work is driven by making the extraordinary happen. It plays with the ephemeral moments of reflection, light, and shade and the transformations that arise from setting diverse forms, planes, and bodies in dialogue with one another. Their passion for exploring the many ways that objects can become tools for radically changing space and people’s perception of this drives all their work.


The duo defines their work as intuitive. It is based on osmosis and random thoughts, often bringing unexpected results. Their research starts from very illusive and fleeting ideas. Then they develop them while sticking to their principles.


For Studio Roso, the process of experimentation is long. They often change, retest, and rework up to the last minute.

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About Studio Roso

Most of Studio Roso’s work is large-scale, commission-based art. The remaining is furniture and lighting scale.


The studio has been awarded numerous commissions and prizes for large public sculptures and is represented in private collections and museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum.


In 2022 Studio Roso relocated from Rotterdam to Copenhagen and is a Danish company.