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Studio Roso: Exploring the layered experiences of living

October 25, 2022

Studio Roso, founded by Rolf Knudsen and Sophie Nielsen in London, has after 20 years abroad returned to their roots in Denmark as of 2022. With this fresh chapter Studio Roso launched several new objects and participated with two sculptural lights in the exhibition ‘The Danish House’ curated by Rosanna Orlandi and shown in her gallery during Milan Design Week 2022.

Exploring the layered experiences of living

Knudsen and Nielsen seek to explore the layered experiences of living, to create objects that, when inserted, pivots a space, and unlocks new emotional layers.

‘Mad Scientist’, is a large hanging sculptural lighting made of Aluminium. The tubular undulation is as much about the physical object as it is about the negative space within. This is ignited by light and in the lit state flips the visual weight towards the space between the tubes. The title alludes to complex labs - places that are visually rich and complex and where it is hard to understand what is made and how it is made. Places that are a little mad….

‘Tube and Ball’ is a sculptural table light. As a moon or a planet lit by the sun, the marble ball suspended by the glass tube reflects the light emitting from the printed sand base. It is a still life of the basic premise that the moon is seen because it reflects the sun, a light millions of miles away. Each lamp will be visually unique and will require a steady hand as the 2,5kg ball is placed on the thin glass tube.

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About Studio Roso

Founded in 2010, Studio Roso is launching their first sculptural objects for the home. Studio Roso’s work is driven by making the extraordinary happen. Their work plays with the ephemeral moments of reflection, light and shade and the transformations that arise from setting diverse forms, planes, and bodies in dialogue with one another. Their passion for exploring the many ways that objects can become tools for radically changing space and people’s perception of this drives all their work. They have been awarded numerous commissions and prizes for large public sculptures and are represented in private collections and museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum.