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Stykka: Planet positive products

October 31, 2022

The construction-tech startup Stykka has developed a digital carpentry platform that produces net positive, built-in-furniture for the building industry.

Planet positive products

Contributing 40% of global energy-related CO2 emissions and 30% of global landfill waste, construction plays a significant role in our planetary crisis and is by far the most polluting sector. Stykka is a Danish startup on a mission to make the construction industry part of the solution by providing circular, built-in interiors that are designed to last a lifetime.

Stykka has built a digital carpentry platform, digitalizing the whole process from design to production to maintenance. Every design is made from high-quality wood from sustainable forests and is linked to a digital maintenance platform, allowing for easy repairs. Everything is designed for disassembly and worn-out parts can be recycled through Stykka’s recycling scheme, where old fronts are being swapped for “new” upcycled ones.

Stykka has utilised technology and digital fabrication to minimise waste, lower costs and localise production. The profits are then invested in better material, which makes for longer-lasting products and reduces carbon emissions.

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About Stykka

Stykka is a Danish brand that has set out on a journey to digitalise the way we design, manufacture, and buy furniture. The company has utilised the newest technology to create a digital manufacturing platform that allows them to bring high-quality designs composed of responsible materials directly from their factory to the consumer, lowering the price and avoiding overproduction.

No waste, no stock, no-nonsense. In collaboration with some of the world’s most skilled designers, Stykka rethink all the products we touch, from the perfect workstation to bed units in large-scale student housing.