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Tom Rossau: Employing Design for Disassembly as a key principle

October 26, 2022

Tom Rossau has a long tradition of designing beautiful lamps with a strong Danish design DNA. Over the last decade, sustainability has been an important focus for the company, and one of their latest circular initiatives is implementing Design for Disassembly as a key principle.

Employing Design for Disassembly as a key principle

For more than two decades, Tom Rossau has designed and created his characteristic lamps in wood veneer. His work is driven by the intriguing relationship between geometry, materials and light, both natural and artificial.

In collaboration with In futurum and the Danish Design Centre, Tom Rossau and his company have developed three new solutions to reduce their carbon emissions through circular principles that will be implemented in the business:

  • A flat-pack product that reduces packaging waste by up to 80%
  • A cleaning kit to prolong the lifespan of products
  • Design for Disassembly principles that make it possible to repair lamps at home, minimising the need for return transport, extending a product’s lifespan and allowing the disassembled lamp a new afterlife

It is inevitable and crucial for all businesses and organisation to rethink their way of using materials, designing and creating products. With Design for Disassembly as a key principle in Tom Rossau’s company, he hopes to leave a greener and more circular footprint and be a part of the solution – and not the problem.

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About Tom Rossau

Tom Rossau creates lamps that increase the quality of life at home. The lamps are designed and built by hand in Frederiksberg from carefully selected materials, with wood being the most important material. With their clean and organic design, the lamps are based on a Scandinavian tradition that values quality and durability.