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Vandkunsten Architects: Reduce, reuse, recycle, rebeauty

October 28, 2022

Local resource stations in Roskilde, Denmark, are designed to promote everyday reuse through creative play, with building components from the site of a former factory. Architecture

Reduce, reuse, recycle, rebeauty

In the innovative urban development Musicon, the resource stations by Vandkunsten Architects are primarily built using locally sourced building materials from the former concrete element factory on the site. First, the reusable materials from the factory building were mapped prior to demolition. Then, the materials were kept on-site. Finally, old roof components, gates, sliding doors, cable trays and vinyl flooring bridge the new neighbourhoods with their industrial past while enhancing the local identity. In this way, the city itself is a material bank for regenerative urban development.

“Rebeauty” is a concept to promote the new aesthetic potentials of a climate-friendly design. In Musicon, secondary structures become frontrunners as a testbed for implementing direct reuse and Design for Disassembly, because any risk is worth dealing with. As the resource stations are central to the everyday practice of reuse, they will serve as daily inspiration for a circular transition.

Without rebeauty – no circularity!

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About Vandkunsten Architects

Vandkunsten Architects is a Danish architectural firm founded in 1970. Qualities such as community, biodiversity and sustainability run in the company DNA and the architects are renowned for nature-based urban planning, housing and transformation. Vandkunsten Architects design architecture for people. Their houses are designed for the ways that people live, work, play, and think. Housing, buildings, and cities have to be at eye level and make room for communities.