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VOLA: Danish design in South Korea

February 5, 2024

At VOLA, they enjoy collaborating with designers who share their philosophy and values. They have a very Danish approach; everything they do is inspired by the Danish design traditions and a great respect for using materials and processes responsibly and efficiently. That includes a built-in understanding of how to design for longevity, ensuring that their products last for generations.

Danish design in South Korea

VOLA is a part of the Danish Pavilion at The Seoul Living Design Fair 2024.

Denmark and South Korea are very different places, but they share a deep appreciation for tradition and quality, whilst always constantly improving by embracing new thinking and techniques. Seoul has seen a fast-expanding architectural scene over recent years, ignited by rapidly changing infrastructure and the rising demand for innovative spatial solutions. But that hasn’t altered the culture’s innate philosophy of respect for age and wisdom, considerations that extend from its veneration of older generations to its love for its older buildings. Traditional Korean structures share space with iconic contemporary buildings, including one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, just as grandparents share living space with their children and grandchildren.

This is a culture that celebrates memory and the passing of time just as much as it looks to the future, making it an ideal place for an innovative VOLA showroom which skilfully blends old and new.

Along with SPOA (Shinpyong Organization for Architecture), VOLA has been on a journey through Seoul’s architectural world to create their new showroom in a very special location that they found together.

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About VOLA

VOLA is an award-winning Danish designer brand, who creates timeless tap designs while carefully managing precious resources. In 1968 Arne Jacobsen and Verner Overgaard designed the first simple and concise VOLA tap for The National Bank of Denmark. Since then, the company has made products that are built to last, while ensuring the internal parts of even their oldest products can be repaired and replaced. VOLA’s dedication stems from a deep Danish affinity with nature and a fundamental understanding of the role that water plays in life. With their timeless, durable, and sustainable approach, VOLA is internationally recognized as true design icon.