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Woba: Using technology to create a better world to work in

April 2, 2024

Woba is born to revolutionize how HR traditionally works with well-being and engagement. Woba is a ground-breaking HR People Analytics Software that empowers HR and managers to use feedback from their employees to measure, predict and prevent risk of burnout and staff-turnover.

Using technology to create a better world to work in

When founders, Malene Madsen and Mikkel Bindesbøl, met during their masters in Work Psychology, they concluded that the problem with stress and staff turnover at workplaces was much bigger than first assumed. More than 40% of employees are experiencing stress at work right now, more than 25% consider leaving their job without having another, and lost ability to work due to stress costs society up to 5% of GDP every year. Therefore, they decided to dedicate months of fieldwork with some of the biggest companies in Denmark to take a closer look at how they worked with employee well-being and retention. They saw a consistent picture: the companies invested large amounts of money in various employee surveys - engagement, well-being index, performance measurement, stress measurement, health score etc. - with the hope that they could get a clear picture of how their employees were doing. But the reality was it took them 6-12 months to translate their results into action. When they finally knew what should be done, they stood with an outdated picture - which significantly increased the risk of stress and staff turnover. This inspired Malene and Mikkel to create Woba.

Woba stands out in the competitive HR field with its revolutionary approach as the world's first predictive and preventive HR software. By utilizing anonymous employee feedback, Woba sheds light on hidden workplace risks, such as bullying or lack of support, providing early warnings for stress factors and reasons for disengagement. The unique 360% Employee Experience Pulse simplifies employee feedback through a gamified native app for iOS and Android, fostering engagement and well-being.

Woba's management analytics offers predictive results, empowered by an AI algorithm that translates identified risks into actionable plans for immediate improvement. The Financial People Impact module breaks new ground, allowing HR and managers to not only predict workforce costs but also visualize the return on investment for employee initiatives in a clear dashboard.

Moreover, Woba goes beyond by introducing "The Woba Employee Retention Model," backed by the latest work environment research. The certified work environment customer success team transforms clients into "people champions," providing training to create optimal workplaces and retain top talent. With measurable results already showcased, Woba stands as a game-changer in predicting, preventing, and enhancing the overall employee experience.

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About Woba

Woba was founded in June 2016 with a mission to create a better world to work in. The founders, Malene Madsen and Mikkel Bindesbøl, met during their masters in Work Psychology where they both specialized in the rapid increase of stress and staff turnover at work. They shared a similar dream of enabling companies around the world to prevent this problem - why they decided to join forces.

They imagined a world without endless, time-consuming and reactive employee surveys where companies actually could use all of this employee feedback to predict and prevent stress and staff-turnover before it happens. That is now possible with Woba.