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Digitalised workflows, products, and services are integral parts of our world. More than ever, we need a human-centred approach to use and explore the vast possibilities digitalisation offers in a meaningful way.

Let creativity drive digitalisation

As digitalisation becomes a part of all areas of life, we must focus on making technology about people.

The digitalised, augmented, filtered world of healthcare, e-commerce, video games, entertainment, and music, as well as digitalised workflows, products, and services, is a reality in the world we live in. More than ever, we need a human-centred approach to use and explore the vast possibilities offered by digitalisation in a meaningful way and make technology a helper, not a master.

Denmark ranks as one of the world’s most digitalised societies, with abundant high-speed internet access, digitalised public services, and a high level of e-commerce. Digital interfaces are almost universal, from public healthcare to banking services to paying for a cup of coffee.

A human-centred approach

The creative industries of Denmark have embraced digitalisation based on a solid platform of the Danish creative DNA. Danish creative companies overwhelmingly focus on users rather than on the technology in question.

The Danish creative approach has always been about human needs: a user-centric approach, about making things work as simply and seamlessly as possible. In a digital world, this means focusing on solutions that make sense, feel significant, and evoke feelings and on holistic solutions that work well for the user on their terms and not the other way around. It also means that you explore quirky ideas and challenge conventions – the Danish video games industry and independent music industry are great examples of that.

Even though new technologies are developing at a rapid pace, people remain inherently and biologically human. In the digitalised home, people want easy-to-use services and products that are attractive and stylish. In a digitalised public sector, we all want to be self-reliant and competent, regardless of age and technological experience, and consumers want a feel for the brands they shop for, like the opportunity to experience a new fashion look through their device before purchase.

Let us start a conversation on how we can use creativity to change the way we think about digitalisation.

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