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Almenr: Eat together to act together

October 26, 2022

By re-inventing Baugruppen in a digital age, the Almenr platform enables cooperative commitment to sustainable behaviour in shared housing communities.

Eat together to act together

Every year, millions make a new year resolution to get in better shape, only to lose motivation after a few days. To keep the promise: get a buddy, join a community – do it together!

That is why co-living encourages sustainable behaviour. Research into ecovillages points to substantial environmental benefits: as much as 35% less water usage, 40% less CO2 footprint, 80% less private car miles and 60% less food waste. By building and living together, intentions are turned into action.

Almenr’s project Fridlev, presently under construction outside Copenhagen, is a great example. When the Fridlev baugruppe’s 43 families move in, they have already been engaged in 14 teams for more than a year. During the design and building process, the social bonds encourage a highly responsible culture with shared cooking, cars, tools, gardens, a commitment to a circular lifestyle, greener architecture and much greener operations.

Almenr’s co-living platform with 14,000 members disrupts the individual consumer approach to real estate and empowers the co-creators in its place. Almenr is based on how commons have secured sustainable behaviour throughout history – and leverages the strong Scandinavian tradition of cooperative decision making and ownership.

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About Almenr

Almenr is a Copenhagen-based co-living developer, a member-based platform cooperative based on proptech. Almenr was founded in late 2017 with the mission to make it easy for citizens to join forces and build intentional communities.

Almenr combines a dating platform (like matching people dreaming about shared living, with a co-finance service and a real estate development company. Almenr orchestrates members, municipalities, architectural firms, investors, and builders to create a more social future by radically rethinking how we meet, organize, finance, and build co-living communities.

They do this on a platform for baugruppen that, with both digital and process technologies, offers an alternative to traditional developer-driven financing and construction – and de-risks construction though cooperative partnering.