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ARCHITECTMADE: Celebrating timeless products that last

October 25, 2022

Built to last. Born to be passed on. ARCHITECTMADE is more than a collection. It’s a philosophy. They search archives and drawings of the most acclaimed architects of all time and discover talented architects to create timeless icons that can be passed on for generations. With excellent craftsmanship alongside three rounds of quality control, they are made to stand the test of time.

Celebrating timeless products that last

ARCHITECTMADE believes in moving away from a throw away culture and celebrating timeless products that last. For example, BIRD was designed in 1959 by Kristen Vedel, but it’s still one of the company’s best sellers. Some people say that it’s the essence of Danish design. They select manufactures as close to the raw material as possible. This guarantees the quality of the materials, reduces transportation mileage, and provides opportunities for local communities. Certifications are good for some, but at ARCHITECTMADE they go the extra mile. They visit the manufacturing sites and workshops themselves, checking that all employees are treated fairly, and the materials are sourced sustainably. They strive to minimize the impact they set on the environment, by overseeing every step of the process from production to distribution. ARCHITECTMADE donates to Eden Reforestation Projects to make sure that they, as a company, are actively making an effort to create a change in the world by replanting trees, creating jobs and protecting various local communities against natural disasters.

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ARCHITECTMADE was established in 2004, in Denmark. The company’s mission is to move away from impulsive consumerism culture and celebrate products that last. The kind of products you never get bored of looking at: created using exceptional craftsmanship alongside three rounds of quality control, made to stand the test of time. Their production team is a collection of experts from all over the world. Each piece is carefully paired with selected craftspeople specializing in distinctive production that their products demand. Their vision is to create high quality and timeless products, serving as a reminder in today’s fast-changing world, that quality is still timeless. They do so by scouring archives, museums, and drawings to catch a glimpse of rare design objects that some of the leading architects created many years ago, on their way to fame.