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BetaDwarf: Games that create friendships

April 17, 2023

BetaDwarf is an ambitious venture company pushing the boundaries of co-op games to create lifelong friendships all around and across the world. The team at Betadwarf comprises skilled and companionable people spanning 14 nationalities creating highly ambitious games together.

Games that create friendships


BetaDwarf is working on multiple projects with a common theme being Friendshipping Hobbies - meaning games that create and accelerate friendships with enough depth to be enjoyed as everlasting hobbies.


Minion Masters has been a hobby for a myriad of players and, with its co-op focus, created friendships for more than six years. It is now growing to an even bigger audience with the recently announced Netflix partnership and platform expansion to Mobile.


Their upcoming game F4E Extraction will take Friendshipping to new heights, where shared suffering will prove an impactful accelerator simulating army veteran comradery.

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About BetaDwarf


It all started in Copenhagen with a small group squatting in a university classroom for seven months, getting discovered, and moving in together for three years. Through a Kickstarter campaign, a private bank loan, and perseverance, BetaDwarf released FORCED, selling 500,000+ copies and since reaching millions of players with Minion Masters.


Joined by the illustrious London Venture Partners, Makers Fund, 1Up Ventures, and Everblue Management, they're on a journey to becoming a frontrunner in games that also attacks a society epidemic loneliness.