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Doktor Universe: Reducing childhood anxiety through XR

October 28, 2022

Doktor Universe works with health care professionals to reduce childhood anxiety during medical procedures.

Reducing childhood anxiety through XR

Working closely with nurses and oral health experts at hospitals and clinics, Doktor Universe has created a set of tools using Augmented Reality and Computer Vision to improve the patient’s experience before and during procedures. Their team has vast experience in the development and distribution of popular intellectual properties IP’s including some of the most popular children's TV characters in Scandinavia. Their focus is children from 0 to 5 years of age who need help to cope with pain and anxiety, and Doktor Universe achieves this by communicating with the children in their own language and developing digital products based on real-life situations at the hospital or the dentist.

Together with nurses from the pediatric department at the Aarhus University Hospital, a top 20 ranked hospital worldwide, Doktor Universe has created, tested, and implemented a solution based on a mix of computer vision and play to distract children during hospitals procedures, called “My Hospital Friend”.

As well as going to the hospital, visiting the dentist can be challenging for children, but the two are equally important. Going to the dentist is about fixing teeth and cavities, but it is also a crucial opportunity for dental care professionals to teach general oral health to children. Together with pediatric dental experts in Denmark, the Doktor Universe created a solution where 3D jigsaw puzzles and Augmented Reality allow children and their families to reinforce good dental habits such as drinking more water instead of soft drinks.

Doktor Universe’s solutions are nominated as the Most Innovative Solution in the public sector in Denmark in 2021.

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About Doktor Universe

The Danish company Doktor Universe is from its onset inspired by the founders themselves experiencing their own children’s fears and anxieties related to having health procedures done. Mixed with their expertise as animators and game developers, the founders aim to continuously create tools to support clinicians and health professionals interacting with and treating children.

Doktor Universe helps children at hospitals and dental clinics experience a significant reduction in the anxiety and pain caused by common procedures.

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