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Kong Orange: Creating digital quality time

March 9, 2023

Kong Orange wants to become the next Double Fine – BUT online. The studio is at GDC 2023 to find partners in leadership to captain this adventurous journey. Currently, they have two fully funded games in production: Vokabulantis – a stop-motion co-op game, and Skullbeat – an online rhythm rumble.

Creating digital quality time


Kong Orange creates entertaining games that stay with you - digital quality time as they label it. They have released standout premium games, most recently Felix The Reaper, but they are moving into the online space.


Their company strategy is Double Fine – BUT online. So, imagine that their next games hold the artistic vision of Inside but with gameplay like Deep Rock Galactic to get a sense of what they are looking to do.


The online space is still much less saturated with this auteur-like approach. An approach that primarily has proven itself commercially in the premium realm of the indie game movement.


As part of this ongoing transition and to scale up the team, they are going to GDC 2023 to scout for leadership talent and investors to pilot the new direction.

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About Kong Orange

Kong Orange thinks you deserve more games that stay with you forever and become pillars of culture and art for centuries as a by-product. They want you to have digital quality time, and they create it.

Thus far, they released Heartbeats – A Galactic Requiem (iOS) and Felix The Reaper – A Romantic Comedy Game About The Life of Death (most platforms).