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Bolverk Games: Immersive and exciting VR experiences

April 17, 2023

Bolverk Games are experts in most things VR. Predominantly they create games for the virtual realm but occasionally stretch their legs with classic video games. Gameplay and core mechanics are central to their idea development and when pitching games.

Immersive and exciting VR experiences


Bolverk Games is at Copenhagen Matchup 2023 to maintain relations with existing partners and meet new people. The studio always looks for opportunities to realize the next idea in the VR gaming sphere.


The experienced studio is not tied into one genre or specialty, as they know that with solid essential elements, most genres will be immersive and exciting. Previous VR titles from Bolverk are the fun, wacky waveshooters “Dick Wilde” 1 and 2, the ball rolling platformer, “Glyph,” and the unusual tower defense game, “Kittypocalypse,” where aliens disguised as cute kittens aim to take over the World.


At the moment, ambitions are soaring with a vast FPS exploration puzzler, “Genotype,” for Meta Occulus Quest 2. The game passed the Alpha milestone in March and is beginning to gain some attention in VR communities.

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About Bolverk Games


Bolverk Games tries to create games that make players feel invested and entertained. Fun mechanics and interesting core loops are front and center at this versatile studio - always focused on innovation in the VR realm — gaming and otherwise.


As a philosophy at the studio, everyone gets to make suggestions on all matters of game development. Still, after the high-flying days of idea development, things are brought securely to the ground. Bolverk Games has a solid track record of delivering games on time and within budget.


Since its inception, the company has grown from a three-man coding operation in a small flat to 12 payrolled employees. Today, Bolverk Games is located in a historical former bottle-cap factory close to central Copenhagen.