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Cadpeople: Digital simulator brings real-life to the classroom

October 28, 2022

Together with MHI Vestas Offshore Wind (today Vestas), Cadpeople created an award-winning, mobile, versatile, and cost-effective digital training simulator for wind turbine technicians to train and optimise their skills. By bringing a virtual real-life wind turbine into a classroom environment, technicians can train in a non-consequential environment.

Digital simulator brings real-life to the classroom

The Advanced Training Simulator was designed to create a more flexible training set-up and to maintain a high level of competence in all aspects of the production, transport, and assembly of wind turbines – while at the same time defending MHI Vestas Offshore Wind’s (today Vestas) position as the digital pioneer in the wind industry.

The simulator can be set up in any classroom, allowing theoretical and practical training to take place in one learning environment, which makes the training much more coherent, understandable, and real-life like. This digital solution can simulate any defect a technician might encounter in the field.

Advanced Training Simulator results:

  • Significantly lowers construction cost (up to one third of a traditional simulator)
  • Is easy and relatively inexpensive to replicate and update
  • Reduces training costs
  • Reduces travel costs and thereby environmental footprints
  • Improves ability to present realistic scenarios in classes
  • Gives more hands-on experience achieved in training
  • Provides a much safer training environment
  • Improves mobility as it can be mounted in any classroom, making training more coherent

Cadpeople always makes great efforts to understand their clients’ business before letting their strategic and creative minds fly high and engage their craftsmen in developing unique solutions.

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About Cadpeople

Cadpeople are visual, digital storytellers on a mission to push boundaries and help clients towards a greener future by simplifying and digitising their marketing and learning.

The world is driven by knowledge and action. And communication is the link between the two. Therefore, they communicate and convey this complex knowledge into visual and compelling solutions, using cutting-edge technologies that assist their clients’ green ambitions.

They have 29 years of visual and digital experience embodied in +60 employees based in Aarhus (DK) and Edinburgh (UK).