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Cerebriu: Improving brain MRI efficiency

October 26, 2022

Cerebriu has developed Apollo, a smart protocol technology that optimizes brain MRI scan acquisition and patient management. It offers real-time decision support to optimize the protocol at the MRI console, ensuring the acquisition of the right sequence for the right patient at the right time. Apollo’s Smart Protocol enables the optimization of MRI utilization, reduces unnecessary image acquisition, and improves the technologist’s confidence at the MRI console. Cerebriu Apollo solution is regulated as a medical device (CE-marked). Cerebriu Apollo conforms to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

Improving brain MRI efficiency

Cerebriu offers on the two main features:

MR Smart Protocols:

Real-time adaptation of MR scanning protocols for the right sequences at the right time. MR Smart Protocol analyses an initial abbreviated set of images and suggests the most appropriate next sequences based on initial findings.

MR Smart Alert:

MR Smart Alert detects critical finding at the earliest stages of the MRI examination for fast visualization, enabling the prioritization of radiological review and the prompt notification of critical findings to the care team.

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About Cerebriu

Cerebriu is a Danish radiology company providing solutions to automate radiology workflows, improve brain MRI efficiency, improve patient prioritisation, and reduce scan time, re-examinations, and non-acute admissions.