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THE UPCYCL: Turning waste materials into good business

October 26, 2022

Underutilized waste materials have the potential to be both a sustainable and a financial advantage when reworked into new products. THE UPCYCL accelerates the circular economy by matching and handling industrial waste materials between the industries that produce it and the companies that can use it. Doing so reduces the amount of material wasted and the amount of virgin material spent.

Turning waste materials into good business

THE UPCYCL creates industrial waste symbioses by facilitating partnerships between industrial production companies with continuous waste flows and designers, architects, and developers looking for sustainable materials for their designs and design processes.

THE UPCYCL deals in New Waste, meaning waste that is continuous, voluminous, and primarily virgin materials, such as cut-offs or materials with production errors. New Waste materials have, through THE UPCYCL, found their way into the market in, among other projects, the iconic FM630 stool, originally designed by legendary Danish architecture firm Friis & Moltke, re-released with a circular update by Anno Studio in 2022.

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Rikke Ullersted founded THE UPCYCL in 2020, following her own need and experience as the founder and director of an industrial design agency for 15 years. She was missing an easy way to identify more sustainable materials for new circular product designs because she wanted to ensure that the industrial design field was empowered to accelerate circular innovation and be positive forces in the green agenda. THE UPCYCL's mission is to minimize the amount of virgin material used by inspiring, facilitating, and handling circular sourcing of New Waste materials.