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Circle Bank: Construction made circular

October 25, 2022

Circle Bank is a three-year-long Grand Solution project aimed at creating a digital platform that can accelerate circular construction. The ambition is to outcompete linear construction by 2030.

Construction made circular

In recent years, innovation in circular construction and small-scale experiments have provided a glimpse of a more circular future. However, it is still more efficient, cheaper and faster to build using a traditional linear approach. The development and implementation of Circle Bank will create an integrated, scalable and cost-effective circular value chain able to outcompete the linear construction practice on market terms by solving the existing research and market challenges:

  • Lack of method to quantify the environmental/social value
  • Lack of decision support tool to guide building owners through circular choices
  • Fragmented value chains, making design of new buildings with secondary building materials and components inefficient
  • Uncertain and fluctuating supply of secondary building materials and components
  • Uncertain technical/environmental quality

The overall goal of Circle Bank is to create a value hub where documented value and quality resources can be exchanged to support circular economy in the building sector. The platform will work as a circular decision support tool for building owners and other actors in the industry.

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About Circle Bank

Circle Bank is a project wanting to quantify the environmental & social value related to the circular economy within the construction sector. The project aims to create a decision support tool to guide building owners through circular choices and make designs of new buildings with secondary building materials and components (SBMC) more efficient through coherent value chains. With a digital platform Circle Bank address uncertainties related to the technical & environmental quality of SBMC and aims to become the circular construction sector’s main collaboration hub – from design to demolition.

The Circle Bank Grand Solution Project is a collaboration between a consortium of both knowledge, commercial, and market partners, co-funded by Innovation Fund Denmark and Realdania. Partners include Danish Technological Institute, THIRD NATURE, University of Southern Denmark, The city of Roskilde, The city of Middelfart, Danica, Lejerbo, HDLAB, Twenty Fifty, Matter by Brix and J. Jensen A/S.

The Circle Bank digital platform is developed by CB Nordic ApS, which is jointly owned by five key players within the circular construction sector.