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EVERLAND: Uniting vegans and meat lovers through a unique brand universe

April 22, 2024

Can you unite vegans and meat lovers? La Vie, a French company making plant-based pork, is on a mission to prove that it’s possible. The Danish brand and design agency EVERLAND helped La Vie on their mission by creating a brand universe unlike anything else.

Uniting vegans and meat lovers through a unique brand universe

La Vie’s brand universe is at the forefront of how to brand plant-based food and alternative protein. It redefines meat alternatives as “the new meat”.

This creative process helped define and design a brand identity that veers from the industry norm of bland, indistinguishable packaging to a vibrant, cheeky, and life-affirming presentation. It was only possible thanks to a close collaboration between La Vie and EVERLAND and, of course, the distinctive artistic style of the Lithuanian illustrator Egle Zvirblyte.

The result not only challenges conventional perceptions of plant-based foods but also invites a broader audience to explore and embrace these alternatives, thus driving the industry forward. It’s a brand universe that signals change, not sacrifice. It’s populated with endearing characters and narratives that embody the commitment to a joyful, sustainable life without animal suffering.

Through a brand universe with a strong identity and quirky tonality, EVERLAND and La Vie blended creativity with sustainability, demonstrating that conscientious eating doesn't have to compromise on flavour or fun, thereby paving the way for a more inclusive and environmentally responsible food industry.

In just 18 months after the launch in France, October 2021, La Vie™ could claim the following business results:

• No. 1 SKU sales in France for plant-based alternatives

• 4,600 points of sales across Europe

• 3,000 restaurants using La Vie™’s products

• Exclusive branded partnership with Burger King across Europe with availability in+1,500 restaurants in 8 countries

• +144% weekly unit sales in the UK between September 2022 and May 2023

• Tripled sales growth for the first half of 2023, up 379% compared to 2022

“The foodtech industry is currently experiencing a slowdown, but our outstanding results and investments are a testament to our disruptive approach, driven by proprietary tech and a brand centred on pleasure. Our unique blend of technology and brand identity sets us apart, challenging industry norms. This strategic step aims to unite a global community of change-makers who resonate with our vision.”

Nicolas Schweitzer, CEO and Co-Founder of La Vie™.
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EVERLAND is a brand and design agency working globally out of Scandinavia. Drawing on their Nordic heritage, they blend empathy, imagination, and craft to help consumer brands grow with character and charisma. In everything they do, everywhere they are.

With clients in 17 markets and offices in Copenhagen, and Oslo, their work has a Scandinavian touch and a global reach.

EVERLAND’s clients include Carlsberg, Danone, REMA 1000, GP Batteries, La Vie, Tindle, Läkerol, and IsaDora.