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Gabriel: Defining quality fabric choices for furniture and commercial spaces

October 25, 2022

Gabriel are specialists in designing and crafting fabrics that add character and performance to furniture design. Around the world their fabrics are part of people’s lives and enhance everyday experiences in office spaces, hotel lounges, concert rooms, and airport terminals. From the first woollen upholstery fabrics in the early 20th century to their high-performance fabrics today, Gabriel’s dedication to quality, aesthetics, and function has remained the same.

Craft & quality since 1851

The art and craft of creating colours

For 170 years, Gabriel has developed the art and craft of creating colours, starting with plant and mineral dyes, moving on to the first revolutionary synthetic dyes, and later pioneering the industry with dyes free from any heavy metals. Today, colour design has become an integral part of who they are. Their inhouse designers master the art of creating beautiful colours and mixing and matching shades and tones to compose colour palettes that define furniture and indoor spaces, reflecting the times in which we live.

Dedicated focus on innovation

The story of Gabriel is also the story of adaptability and innovation. From the industrial to the digital revolution, they have embraced ground-breaking new technologies to continuously improve their craft and products. Spanning post-consumer recycled fabrics, optimised production methods, and innovative knitting and embellishment techniques, Gabriel ceaselessly explore and integrate new technologies and materials to reinvent the world of furniture fabrics.

Caring for nature for 170 years

Caring for nature is intrinsic for Gabriel. From its beginnings in 1851, measures were taken to protect the water quality of the stream that ran by the textile mill and provided the factory with waterpower. Almost two centuries later, they are renowned for pioneering the industry with an uncompromising commitment to protect the environment and providing long-lasting and responsible fabric solutions that contribute to safe and healthy indoor spaces.

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About Gabriel

Gabriel is a Danish furniture fabric specialist with history of craftsmanship that dates back to 1851. Shaped by their strong Scandinavian heritage and guided by deepfelt respect for people and the environment, they design and craft long-lasting, responsible fabrics for the furniture of the future.