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Ghost Ship Games: Getting the players involved

March 7, 2023

Ghost Ship Games is deeply committed to open development and believes game development is best done through close collaboration with the users. So rather than getting bogged down in endless meetings and documentation, they strive to get things on screen as quickly as possible - develop by doing rather than talking.

Getting the players involved

Deep Rock Galactic is the product of more than six years of active, crunch-free development - all the way from early access through full release and on from there into a healthy and long-lived live-service product.

It has been imperative for the product to rely heavily on free, cross-department discussion and open development - to get the players involved in the game as quickly as possible and to continually seed and grow a healthy community around it.

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About Ghost Ship Games

Ghost Ship Games was founded in the spring of 2016 by six veteran game developers. They have since grown to a team of nearly 40 people, comprising both industry veterans and up-and-coming developers.

Right from the start, they have had a couple of over-arching goals: Making games that they'd enjoy playing themselves, making games that take co-op to the next level, and avoiding many of the game development pitfalls they had encountered elsewhere.