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Glampus High in Roblox: Inspiring girls for a future in tech

March 1, 2024

In response to the decline of girls' interest in science and IT during middle school, Netcompany and Google Denmark have joined forces to create 'Glampus High,' a learning-based universe within the online gaming universe, Roblox.

Bridging the gender gap in STEM

Research shows that girls and boys are equally interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, also known as STEM subjects in elementary school. But girls tend to lose interest during middle school, partly due to a lack of social leisure activities that keep the interest alive. Consequently, only 27% of jobs in STEM - which are absolutely key to the future labor market - are currently occupied by women.

Therefore, Netcompany and Google Denmark have teamed up to develop ‘Glampus High’: a new universe within the popular online game Roblox, aimed at middle school girls. Here kids can build characters and interact with each other while learning crucial skills along the way.

The online game Roblox has more than 50 million global daily users, and roughly half of them are girls. Thus, the initiative is about meeting the girls on one of their favorite platforms and designing gaming activities that gradually introduce them to several different concrete scientific disciplines, such as coding or engineering, aiming to increase the girls’ interest in STEM subjects so that more will choose to follow that path later in life.

"Childrens’ screen time is at the top of the political agenda, and it is important for us to show how active screen time can be used as a powerful and social tool in childrens’ education. We know that many girls lose confidence in math and science subjects in middle school, and it’s important to catch them before that happens."

Le Gammeltoft, CCO, Netcompany

STEAMing ahead - empowering young minds

The release of 'Glampus High' underscores the importance of integrating Arts with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, shifting from STEM to STEAM education and shaping the educational experiences of young generations. ‘Glampus High’ not only broadens the scope of learning but also nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills – essential components for success in the increasingly complex and interconnected world of tomorrow.

Further, the ROBLOX universe also contribute to the children’s screen time not being spent exclusively on mindless scrolling, but instead becoming an active tool in their general education.

A collaborative effort

Netcompany and Google Denmark is behind the project, but the development of 'Glampus High' represents a collaborative effort between industry leaders, visionary creatives, and innovative studios. The game's concept, visual aesthetics, and diverse identities were crafted in partnership with Christine Smith, Group Creative Director at VICE/Virtue, and Tao Legene Thomsen, Partner at Stan Studios. The actual construction of the game was undertaken by Khora, ChopChop, and Butter Agency.

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