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IO Interactive: Creating high-quality games in a great working environment

March 2, 2023

IO Interactive is a 25-year-old AAA independent game studio, creators of HITMAN, Kane & Lynch, Mini Ninjas, and Freedom Fighters. IOI is currently working on Project 007, a AAA unannounced title, and continues to develop Glacier, an award-winning engine.

Creating  high-quality games in a great working environment


The creative teams involved in producing IO Interactive’s games are supported by their technology department, which delivers IOI’s Glacier engine and constantly prototypes new and exciting features, game mechanics, or even brand-new IPs.

The IO Interactive team consists of software  engineers and mathematicians with considerable experience in game programming and 3D graphics. Graphic designers, artists, and animators are recruited from the AAA game and entertainment industry worldwide, as well as the best art and game design schools from all over the world.


IOI knows that to achieve their goals of high-quality game experiences, there is a need for courage, talented people, and a great working environment – and they do the utmost to have all of that. Across their multiple studios, IOI is working on several projects. Crucially though, they are all one team. They value the work and impact that each person brings to the table and actively encourage new ideas while listening to everyone’s insights along the way.

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About IO Interactive

IO Interactive is an independent video game development and publishing company with studios in Copenhagen, Malmö, and Barcelona.

As the creative force behind some of the most talked-about multiplatform video games in the last decade, IOI is committed to creating unforgettable characters and experiences – all powered by their award-winning, proprietary Glacier technology.


With more than 40 nationalities, IOI knows that everyone is different and is proud to have a reputation for being a friendly workplace with highly talented people.