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Khora Virtual Reality: Khora Exposure - a safe space to master anxiety

November 6, 2023

Khora Exposure is a Virtual Reality (VR) content distribution platform offered by Khora Virtual Reality. Khora Exposure is currently used in over 25 Danish municipalities for anxiety mastery, employability training, and relaxation/entertainment.

Khora Exposure - a safe space to master anxiety

Khora Exposure started as a research project with Region H Psychiatry, called the SO REAL project, where they investigated the potential of VR as a tool for exposure therapy. This led to the creation of a platform consisting of both a VR headset and a control tablet, which allows a professional psychiatrist to control and follow along with the scenario playing out in the VR headset.

Additionally, the platform became an easy and user-friendly way of distributing any kind of VR content, as the tablet and VR headset can also be updated with new content remotely. This resulted in Khora Exposure being not only an effective tool and safe space wherein one could master their anxiety, but also train for job interviews, exam situations or any other scenario that might be anxiety-inducing.

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About Khora Virtual Reality

Khora Virtual Reality works towards pioneering the possibilities within XR and immersive experiences. They started as a VR showroom in 2015, as the first place in Denmark where the common citizen could walk in and try VR for the first time. Since then, Khora has started producing VR and AR content in many different industries. As a few examples, they have created tools for pain distraction in needle procedures, changed minds by sending millions of people to space in VR, revived the ruins of an old monastery, and motivated children to move more in class through an educational AR game.

Khora is working closely with researchers and experts from the industries they help pioneer, ensuring that knowledge and learning is produced regarding the emerging technologies that are VR, AR, and MR.