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Khora: VR Space Safari

October 26, 2022

With the 360º VR Space Safari, the XR-production studio Khora helped energy company Ørsted create a campaign that virtually transports people into outer space and imitates what astronauts call “the overview effect”, which is the psychological shift that happens when you suddenly see Earth from afar.

Space Safari

How do we inspire a greater sense of self-awareness for our planet and create a sense of responsibility to preserve and maintain our shared home?

The award-winning project Space Safari had the objective to send people all around the globe into space with a 360° VR experience. In collaboration with Ørsted, who over the past ten years has gone from a fossil fuel-burning company to the world’s most sustainable energy company, Khora virtually transported people all around the globe to outer space. Together with American and European astronauts, they sent people on a virtual space mission.

The companies behind the project believe that if more people could see the world as astronauts do, it will create a greater sense of responsibility for our shared home and speed up sustainable actions.

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About Khora

Khora is a leading Scandinavian Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) production studio, creating cutting edge content within multiple application areas. The company is exploring the value potential of VR and AR through meaningful collaborations and partnerships, working within multiple industries, such as renewable energies, the built environment and healthcare.

Khora has a deep understanding of XR-technologies and of how and why businesses and institutions should be working within these emerging mediums.