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X-Ray Fashion: Using virtual reality to educate consumers about fast fashion

July 8, 2024

The Danish Extended Reality (XR) design studio, MANND, has created an award-winning virtual reality (VR) documentary: X-Ray Fashion. The documentary tells the dark story of garment production in the fast fashion industry.

Telling the dark story of garment production in the fast fashion industry

The first iteration of the X-Ray Fashion documentary and installation was created in 2018 and has been traveling the world ever since. The experience was created as an eye-opener and with an aim to change the consumer mindset.

With the use of VR, the audience is invited through a 15-minute cinematic experience of the dark sides of garment production in the fast fashion industry. Here, the audience see the different stages of the garment production and, through complementary sensorial effects, feel what it would be like to actually be there. X-Ray Fashion unlocks experiences that the consumer usually does not have access to. From glamorous catwalk shows, through the overheated sweatshops, to the fabric dye polluted water supplies. The audience get to meet a sweatshop worker who makes the clothes and experience the environmental damage caused by the fashion industry.

In 2023-2024, the project underwent a redesign to make the technical setup lighter and the experience more interactive thanks to the Unity for Humanity Grant.

Project page: X-Ray Fashion - The Virtual Reality Experience

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About the company

MANND is an Extended Reality (XR) design studio established in 2017 by the two Danish female founders, Signe Ungermand and Maria H. Engermann. Today, the studio is led by Maria H. Engermann, continuing the journey with an elevated vision of creating the next era of branded content, communication & entertainment. The company has office spaces in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

MANND works with pioneering businesses and art institutions on prototyping, product showcasing, cinematic experiences and storytelling driven by new technology. The wide range of services spans from idea generation to production and distribution.

By using immersive technology such as VR and AR, MANND has a strong focus on creating impactful stories that can start conversations and improve quality of life.