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MINI A TURE: First Danish B Corp certified children’s wear brand

October 25, 2022

MINI A TURE became one of the first B Corp certified children’s wear companies in the world in 2021. We try to inspire others in the fashion industry to join this significant world-changing movement and community.

Be the Change – Be the Future

Two years ago, MINI A TURE was inspired to join the B Corp movement. Now, it hopes to further inspire companies and their changemakers to partake in this important journey and be better for the world.

MINI A TURE believes the B Corp certification embodies a sincere, holistic and systemic value chain-centred impact review, rewarding what the company has already done while highlighting what it can further improve. The certification process was an insightful deep-dive and learning experience that showed the company and world alike that its vision, mission and core beliefs are aligned with its strategy.

MINI A TURE has acted responsibly in everything it does since it was founded 20 years ago. It continues to strive to build on its vision: our children today and the world they inherit tomorrow. Children must be inspired to care for and nurture a responsible connectivity with nature. We invest in our mutual future through this certification where we can actively help consumers make a conscious and trustworthy choice within the fashion business.

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MINI A TURE is a Certified B Corporation and GOTS certified Danish children's wear company, which was founded in 2002 by Signe Tholstrup and Jan Tholstrup. The company offers worldwide wholesale distribution by means of distributors, agents and a branded business to consumer website. MINI A TURE is passionate about having children expressing themselves stylishly in their very own way. They do not compromise on either trend or freedom of movement. The very small details count. Small is cool. With the company's Scandinavian roots, they know how the changing weather requires real and practical clothing. From the magical, bright, and warm summer days to the cosy, cold and dark winter evenings. Children must always be dressed to face the world.

With a clear mission of inspiring children to care for and nurture a responsible connectivity with nature, MINI A TURE is more than just a traditional children’s clothing brand.