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Neutral: Mixing certifications for higher standards

October 28, 2022

Neutral believes in being okay. With 100% commitment to certified clothing, they strive to improve our planet, make people healthier and give farmers hope. That’s okay.

Mixing certifications for higher standards

Neutral considers themselves as a sustainable business selling textiles, not a textile business selling sustainability. This holistic view has given Neutral and its stakeholders a different approach to sustainable garments. When examining the ‘how’, it found that the best way of creating truly sustainable garments was through a mix of several international standards covering all parts of the business.

Through a mix-and-match of the highest environmental, social and ethical standards, Neutral follows the latest knowledge and criteria set by experts. These are controlled by independent parties to ensure that Neutral and its value chain fulfil the strict regulations.

All Neutral garments are certified by GOTS, Fairtrade, SA8000 and EU Ecolabel.

For Neutral, compliance functions as a baseline and Neutral continuously seeks to innovate and make even more positive changes. For example, all Neutral products are produced using renewable energy and the company works in partnerships to protect biodiversity, wildlife and small cotton-farmers while converting conventional cotton farming to organic.

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About Neutral

Neutral believes in being okay. Okay for the planet. Farmers. Workers. Us. And you. Neutral is a family owned apparel company for men, women and kids, making contemporary styled T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags and more.

Operating on the B2B market with over 20 years of experience in sustainable textiles. With 100% commitment to certified clothing, they can improve our planet and peoples livelihood.

Neutral is considered first mover and pioneer in a difficult industry.