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Organic Basics: Building a regenerative organic cotton pilot project in Turkey

October 25, 2022

In partnership with WWF, Organic Basics will convert cotton- farming land in Turkey from conventional into regenerative organic.

Building a regenerative organic cotton pilot project in Turkey

Since the industrial revolution, the production of clothing and food has caused damage to the ecosystem and contributed up to a third of global carbon emissions. Deep tillage and the use of harmful chemicals is turning the world’s soil into useless dirt.

But it’s possible to reintroduce a form of agriculture that supports healthy soil. By implementing regenerative agriculture practices, healthy soil can be rebuilt, drawing more carbon down from the atmosphere and helping to turn climate change around.

In 2020, Organic Basics announced its partnership with WWF. Over the next four years, both companies will convert approximately 70,000 sq metres of land from conventional cotton farming into regenerative organic cotton farming in the Büyük Menderes Basin in Turkey. Together, they can start supporting farm- ers wanting to make the switch to regenerative organic cotton farming, capture carbon from our atmosphere and move towards a better way of doing things.

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About Organic Basics

Founded in 2015 in Copenhagen, Organic Basics is a brand that designs and sells underwear, activewear and everyday essentials from certified organic, recycled and other low impact materials. Their raw materials are sourced from and produced by suppliers in the EU and Turkey that share their sustainable vision. They are a sustainable native – a group of innovators, fabric geeks, activists, minimalists and more who put sustainability at the center of everything that they do