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OUR SHIFT: Shifting the fashion with upcycling and activism

July 4, 2023

OUR SHIFT creates a whole universe around a sustainable future on our planet. They use innovative design methods, materials, and communication to create upcycled clothes collections.

Shifting the fashion with upcycling and activism


OUR SHIFT is focused on shifting the industry as well as mindsets, and the ways one can do things. The clothes OUR SHIFT designs and produces are therefore made in an innovative manner with provocative and fun yet sophisticated aesthetics.


The brand upcycles deadstock fabrics and clothes while also searching for unusual material sources that would otherwise go into waste. An example is abandoned tents they collected at the Roskilde Festival 2022 and used to create a fully upcycled collection. Through that OUR SHIFT reduces the quantity of wasted textiles at the festival. This contributes to the larger aim of creating awareness about various environmental issues while acting upon them.


To upcycle abandoned garments, tents or fabrics, OUR SHIFT uses their innovative ‘Firepiping’ technique. It can upcycle finished garments and cutoffs while combining them with piping tubes into the 3D, organic, and always unique shapes. When applied directly on deadstock garments it brings innovation in terms of new seasonal colours and prints while preventing them from being discarded.

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OUR SHIFT is an activist fashion brand based in Copenhagen. The brand challenges the traditional fashion processes with both their upcycling techniques reflected in tailored garments and responsibly made clothes with activist messaging.


The designs are created by the co-founder Milan Flicek who has an MA in Fashion Design from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Together with his co-founder Barbora Sura (CEO) with an MA in Strategic Design & Entrepreneurship, they started the brand in 2022 with the vision to shift the paradigm of fashion and bring people on the journey towards a more optimistic future.