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Peasoup: An interactive reading experience

October 26, 2022

Peasoup has developed a new concept for books; "Augmented Reality Smart Books" where you can choose the path through the adventures, and have an interactive reading experience.

An interactive reading experience

There is a lack of motivation for reading, especially among the 8–13 year old kids. Not learning to read only impact the child’s life, but also society as a whole. The core of our mission is to motivate children and YA to read more. We love books and want to enhance the reading experience by using elements from game design and AR. We create stories for the 9-12 year old in the Peasoup Smart Book series, where YOU are the hero and your choices matter. By mixing new technology with the well known physical book and combining it to a new reading experience we can lure reluctant readers to read more. The way we create the tasks even creates a higher reading comprehension as the tasks and puzzles needs to be read to be solved.

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About Peasoup

Peasoup ApS develops and publishes Smart Books. A Smart Book is a new reading experience which combines a physical book with an app game. By mixing Augmented Reality, 2D and 3D animation with game elements, we create motivated reading and enhances higher reading comprehension.