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Playful Learning: A playful approach to children’s development and learning

March 14, 2024

The Playful Learning programme is a national partnership between all the university colleges in Denmark and the LEGO Foundation. With a strong foundation in the Danish educational tradition, the programme aims to strengthen children’s creative and exploratory approach to the world and revitalize the playful elements of our educational traditions.

A playful approach to children’s development and learning

Play is an essential element in our lives, growth, and development. Play enhances learning, socialization and well-being of children and young people, and it is particularly important for the growth and development of small children.

A playful approach is essential when promoting a more holistic view of children’s development and learning. It encourages curiosity, experimentation, and exploration. It fosters engagement and a desire to learn. It allows individuals to participate in the community in more ways and creates opportunities for immersive, movement-based, and interactive learning experiences.

The Playful Learning programme is a strongly anchored and widely branched community of practitioners from day care institutions, schools, and higher education institutions in Denmark. Together they develop a playful pedagogy that encourages children’s curious and experimental mindset towards the world.

The programme has four projects aimed towards the pedagogy- and teaching educations and practise:

P+L Praxis: develop playful approaches in daycares and schools in collaboration with the pedagogy- and teaching educations and continuing education.

Research: one of the largest research programmes within the field of playful approaches in social education and teacher training.

Play@Heart: develop playful approaches to learning and technological literacy in primary schools.

PlayTime (Leg For Dig): develop innovative further education courses for professionals withing pedagogy.

There is an international project called Nexus supporting the internationalisation of the Playful Learning program with a focus on mobility of educators, school teachers and pedagogues as well as international project development.

“Playfulness creates immersion and engagement; we explore, fail, and try again. Play is an intrinsic accelerator for learning and in Playful Learning we believe in exploring the qualities of play outside the context of play.”

Tobias Heiberg, Programme Manager, Playful Learning.
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About Playful Learning

Since launching the programme in 2018, it has been the vision to contribute to and strengthen children’s creative, experimental and playful approach to the world and their motivation to learn.

This vision forms the foundation for a long-term and ambitious partnership between the Danish University Colleges and the LEGO Foundation.