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Readers Copenhagen: Reducing plastic waste

December 16, 2022

14 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year. Since the launch, Readers Copenhagen is addressing this issue in collaboration with ReSea Project.

Reducing plastic waste

Denmark is surrounded by water, making it an important part of the Danish nature and identity. At Readers Copenhagen, they feel a strong connection to the ocean.

Plastic waste has major consequences for the ocean, and life below the surface is so hard under pressure that an extraordinary effort must be made now.

Readers Copenhagen is very passionate about supporting ReSea Project, which collects plastic waste from the world’s oceans and works to end the ocean plastic crisis.

For each pair of Readers sold, the equivalent of 10 plastic bags will be removed from the ocean. So far, Readers Copenhagen has removed more than 137.500 plastic bags from the ocean, which is the equivalent of 1375 kg of plastic waste removed.

Readers Copenhagen’s partnership with ReSea Project is based on a circular economy and driven by the local commitment from working with local fishermen in Indonesia, who collect plastic waste from the ocean.

After removing plastic from rivers and oceans, every piece of plastic is carefully washed and sorted and then reused or recycled.

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About Readers Copenhagen

Readers Copenhagen is a high-quality reading glasses brand with a strong dedication to the Scandinavian culture. They strive to create timeless yet modern reading glasses with a refined and minimalistic aesthetic.

Readers Copenhagen represents reading glasses beautifully designed in quality materials, crafted to last, and made affordable. Their mission is to inspire change in the eyewear industry towards higher durability, quality products, and minimizing the environmental impact on the planet.

Readers Copenhagen is a tribute to Denmark, the Danish design traditions, and the stunning nature surrounding the pulsing capital. They have named their glasses with reference to cities and attractions in Denmark to emphasize the beauty of the country they have dear.