RIG21: Storytelling for the future

The Danish virtual production studio RIG21 has developed the virtual story universe “Rebel Nature”, where virtual production through creativity and sustainability can create versatile possibilities in the film and animation industry.

Photo credit: Sebastian Stigsby.

Christian Faber, Creative director & founder of RIG21. Photo taken in FilmGEAR studio by Sebastian Stigsby.

Rebel Nature

RIG21 is developing the Intellectual Property ‘Rebel Nature’ which is a near-future multi-platform story universe with a focus on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), mankind's relationship with nature and the challenges and opportunities the planet is facing. ‘Rebel Nature’ takes the user on an epic adventure on planet Earth to discover human’s untold future and to redefine what it will mean to be human in the 2040ies. A message in a bottle from our future, showcasing how the RIG21 studio can be put to use, delivering outstanding storytelling.

Photo credit: Sebastian Stigsby.

About RIG21

RIG21 is a virtual production studio connecting great ideas, sustainable development, and commercial production with the help of new digital production methods.

Founded by Christian Faber and Thomas Lydholm in Copenhagen, the studio works after their motto “Small Step, Giant Leap”, experimenting with virtual production in film, animation, and everything in between. With the help of real-time technology, their ambition is to create and facilitate film production faster, more creatively, cheaper and in a far more sustainable way than what is being done today. Virtual production allows for a far more effective recording period compared to normal productions, since most decisions can already be made in pre-production with the help of 3D estimates of set building, camera sequences and more.

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