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Skovshoved Møbelfabrik: Sustainable furniture design

December 21, 2022

Skovshoved Møbelfabrik combines tradition, functionality, and sustainability in their high-quality designs.

Sustainable furniture design

Skovshoved Møbelfabrik offers a range of unique designs that date back many years but still adhere to modern principles of sustainability and very high quality.

OGK Daybed

The OGK Daybed was designed by Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen in 1962. He was a famous Danish designer and Rector at the School of Applied Arts from 1976-1990.

The daybed was designed for his young son, who was going on a little trip with his class. When his son became sick and had a sore throat, the caring father designed the OGK Daybed so his son would not have to lie on the bare ground and be cold.

The daybed comes in a linen sack with a shoulder strap. When the daybed is folded up in its bag, it looks like a ski bag and does not take up much space. With a little practice, the daybed can be assembled in under 2 minutes, making it easy to bring along wherever you go.

The daybed can be used for many different purposes like sunbathing, decoration, a place to take a nap, or as an excellent guest bed.

The daybed is a very green product that does not use screws and other things to assemble. Instead, the legs are tightened up with sisal rope, after the old "saw principle," and is, therefore, completely unique in its construction.

OGK Safari Chair

The OGK Safari Chair was designed by Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen and combines amazing seating comfort with a unique design. Like its big brother, the OGK Daybed, it is a product that comes in a small linen sack with a shoulder strap. It is quick and easy to assemble, easy to transport, and can meet many needs: it is nice to sit in, in your garden, practical for a teenager's room, great for playing PlayStation, and much more.

The OGK Safari Chair also doesn’t use screws or other fasteners for assembly. Instead, like the OGK Daybed, the legs are tightened with Sisal rope using the unique "saw principle".

OGK Weekend bed

Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen designed the Weekend bed in 1965. He designed it in continuation of his design of the OGK Daybed and the OGK Safari chair.

Again, the purpose was to create a product that could be folded up and assembled easily when it should be used.

His aim was to design a product to be used in the summer cottage or in small apartments, where grandparents would have a place for their grandchildren to sleep over. But, at the same time, he wanted the piece to match the aesthetics of his other products.

The sides of the bed can be folded down, giving it another function as the perfect dog bed for the four-legged family member.

Like the OGK Daybed and the OGK Safari Chair, this bed is assembled using Sisal rope and the ancient Danish “saw principle. “

The bed is easy to bring along with you. When folded together, it fits in the included bag with a shoulder strap, easy to transport.

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About Skovshoved Møbelfabrik

For many years, Skovshoved Møbelfabrik has designed and crafted furniture of high quality with a focus on sustainability.

Their pieces are made of wood and coated with water-based paint, protecting the environment as much as possible.

The company has a beautiful range of indoor and outdoor furniture created by a talented team of designers.