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Son of a Tailor: Made to order. Made to fit. Made to last

October 25, 2022

Son of a Tailor is on a mission to reengineer the clothing industry for the planet and people. By combining a lean supply chain with its Perfect Fit Algorithm, the clothing-tech company offers custom fit menswear essentials which are made to order in Italy and Portugal.

Made to order. Made to fit. Made to last

In 2014, Son of a Tailor was founded with the ambition to tackle two of the clothing industry’s key issues: overproduction and bad fit. The answer? A unique, demand-driven supply chain that allows to make each item to order, custom fitted to the individual customer, and from high quality materials that last.


To make custom fit smooth and easy, the team developed the Perfect Fit Algorithm. Customers enter their height, weight, age, and shoe size along with their body type, and the algorithm calculates a custom pattern.


The clothing is made in Portugal and Italy, the majority in Son of a Tailor’s own production site SON Supply in northern Portugal. Having their own production, which is very unusual in the clothing industry, allows the brand to optimise processes constantly in order to reduce waste even further. SON Supply also accepts orders from other brands and creatives who are looking for a partner who can produce high-quality garments at minimum order quantities of only 50 items and lead times as short as two weeks. For Son of a Tailor, opening up their supply chain is a natural step on their mission to reengineer the clothing industry.

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About Son of a Tailor

Son of a Tailor is a Copenhagen-based clothing-tech company that offers custom fit essentials for men. With its own production in Portugal and close partners in Portugal and Italy, the brand pioneers a demand-driven supply chain that eliminates overproduction while delivering perfect fit for customers. Via its production site SON Supply, Son of a Tailor also offers small-batch production for other brands and creatives.

Son of a Tailor is a certified B Corporation.