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SynergyXR: Risk-free training in the manufacturing sector

October 24, 2023

In an industry where hands-on training can be both risky and costly, Saint-Gobain Isover teamed up with SynergyXR to pioneer a game-changing Virtual Reality (VR) training program. This groundbreaking initiative seamlessly merges practical experience with a risk-free environment, setting a new standard for employee training in the manufacturing sector.

Risk-free training in the manufacturing sector

In a strategic partnership with SynergyXR, Isover developed a Virtual Reality (VR) training program that simulates real-world manufacturing scenarios. This unique approach allows employees to gain hands-on experience without the risks associated with live machinery.

The program features a 1:1 virtual replica of Isover's production facility, offering an immersive, on-demand training experience. This innovation not only enhances employee skills but also significantly reduces the risk of workplace injuries and costly downtime.

By leveraging digitalization, Isover has set a new industry standard for safe, effective, and scalable training methods.

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About SynergyXR

SynergyXR is a leader in enabling digital transformation through extended realities, offering specialized augmented and virtual reality solutions for businesses. With deep roots in the manufacturing and energy sectors, the company excels at addressing the multifaceted challenges of modern enterprises.

Founded with the vision to make AR and VR tools immediately accessible, SynergyXR is committed to delivering people-first solutions. Their mission centers on empowering businesses to embrace the future, fundamentally transforming how they train, collaborate, and innovate.