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Too Good To Go: The #1 anti-food waste app

October 26, 2022

As a social impact company, Danish Too Good To Go is fighting food waste through public affairs, working with businesses and a mobile app. They are present in 17 markets across Europe and North America.

The #1 anti-food waste app

Food waste is a major environmental issue. We waste 2.5 billion tons of food annually and food waste is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire airline industry. On top of that, food waste costs us more than 1.1 trillion euros every year. Reducing food waste is the single most impactful thing we can do to reduce global emissions.

Too Good To Go creates value through its B2C market place for surplus food. Here, businesses are connected with citizens who are able to buy this food and collect it at the end of the day. These users pay a small amount for a “magic bag” of food, worth three times the amount they pay.

The “magic bag” concept is significant because it addresses the reality of food waste in retail and food service – it is unpredictable and the businesses do not know exactly which items will be left. To address this challenge, each store has the flexibility to add whichever items are in surplus that day. This is food which businesses would have had to throw away despite being completely edible, so the small amount of money made on it goes straight to the bottom line.

In addition, Too Good To Go leads projects with businesses and public affairs to change date labelling and food waste legislation.

Up to 10 percent of all food waste within the EU is linked to confusion about date labeling. This insight resulted in the initiative ‘often good after’, which was added to the date label. A small but crucial sentence, which was used to translate UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 about food waste reduction into everyday use.

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About Too Good To Go

A Social Impact Company fighting food waste, the company was founded in Copenhagen in 2015 and its app is now the world’s largest B2C marketplace for surplus food.

Motivated by the huge impact food waste has on the planet, Too Good To Go goes further, running campaigns with global food producers to improve date labelling, change food waste legislation, and raise awareness of food waste amongst households. Too Good To Go is present in 17 markets across Europe and North America.

Notably, Too Good To Go works with Planetly to calculate and offset its carbon footprint, and to become Carbon Neutral +, and MyClimate, to calculate and accredit the amount of CO2e saved by each magic bag.