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WOOD WOOD: Promoting circularity within fashion

October 25, 2022

Founded in 2002 by Brian S.S. Jensen and Karl-Oskar Olsen, WOOD WOOD is a contemporary streetwear brand hailing from the neighbourhood of Nørrebro in Copenhagen, Denmark. The label’s ARTEFACT initiative was established to promote circularity within fashion by encouraging customers to sell archive WOOD WOOD pieces to fellow brand community members. Originally a take-back system, the platform has since developed to further WOOD WOOD’s plans to become an increasingly responsible company regarding sustainability.

Promoting circularity within fashion

Established in 2021, ARTEFACT is WOOD WOOD’s take-back initiative that encourages customers to bring in pieces from past WOOD WOOD collections, so others can purchase them. The idea is to promote circularity within retail, increase the life cycle of each garment, and move towards a more ethical approach to working with seasons within the fashion industry – all part of the brand’s journey towards greater sustainability.

As the ARTEFACT platform is set to relaunch to allow customers to sell directly to one another, WOOD WOOD brought the concept to Roskilde Festival – a global music event that champions sustainability and fosters a strong sense of togetherness. To help with this project, they enlisted Anja Fange-Larsen and Kathrine Holm Birkbak-Madsen from Studio Gestalt; an architecture firm based in Copenhagen, Denmark, to design a pop-up structure that embodies the same sustainability-led outlook. The collaboration with the two architects started on the premise of the duo’s obsession with conceptual spaces and the foundations of sustainable design, which resulted in a transparent structure to house ARTEFACT at one of Europe’s biggest and best-loved festivals.

"WOOD WOOD is much more than a brand. It’s about style and attitude. We were raised with the desire to evolve constantly, and we’ll keep on taking the brand further by combining elements of underground and high-end into our very own aesthetic."

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Since the beginning, WOOD WOOD’s ambition has been to influence culture through contemporary, accessible streetwear and community-driven projects. To elevate the brand’s purpose, WOOD WOOD engages in special collaborations with established brands and independent artists to develop products and non-commercial activations — with each project encompassing live and digital experiences. WOOD WOOD was founded in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, by Brian S.S. Jensen and Karl-Oskar Olsen in 2002 and has since expanded to include stores in Aarhus, Berlin, and London. All these locations are integral to the WOOD WOOD community, which continues to evolve through local involvement.