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Another Life: Striving for a more equitable music and culture sector

January 4, 2023

As an award-winning non-profit organisation, Another Life is here to help the culture and music sector step into a future with improved conditions and representation on all levels of power. While creating a platform for musical talent, Another Life qualifies the knowledge of those working with music and culture by developing research and facilitating various spaces for learning.

Striving for a more equitable music and culture sector

In Another Life, they believe culture plays an important role in society’s development. Therefore, collaborations and partnerships across the music and culture sector is an important element of the projects in Another Life.

The aim of the organisation is sharing knowledge, methods, and tools to create actual changes within the work with representation, equality, and discrimination. Their projects include research and reports, talks, workshops, music festivals, various collaborations, and consultations. Another Life makes complex theory and analysis methods within the work of representation easily accessible and tangible, creating change that benefits more people.


With a broad and nuanced approach, Another Life seeks to improve conditions regarding age, body image, ethnicity, gender identity, mental stress, physical and mental disabilities, religion, sexuality, and the intersections between them.

Just in 2022, Another Life had a number of important external activities. They hosted 21 presentations and workshops, booked, planned, curated, or collaborated on 5 bigger concerts and festivals, created 2 research projects investigating representation and discrimination within the music sector, facilitated 11 playlists curated by people working in the culture sector, and participated in 6 conferences about representation and equality within culture.

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About Another Life

Founded in January 2021, Another Life was created to expand the approach to representational work in the Danish music industry and encourage a positive change for as many different people as possible. Ultimately, the vision is to have a culture sector where everyone is represented, and no one is exposed to discrimination.

As the founders and employees have experience within the culture sector or lived experience with the lack of representation and discrimination, Another Life operates with different perspectives, qualifying the work and the projects in the organisation.

Another Life received two awards in 2022: the prestigious ‘Steppeulvens Inititativpris’ award, for the organisation's impact on the Danish music industry; and the ‘Nordic Music Biztop 20 under 30’ award to founders Rosa Lois Balle Yahiya and Sofie Westh, for their work with Another Life.