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Promus: A year dedicated to music

December 22, 2022

Promus is the Danish professional music scene’s networking platform and collective. They facilitate matchmaking, mentoring, competence development, and much more. Currently, they work as the secretariat responsible for Music City Aarhus 2022 – a whole year dedicated to music in the city.

A year dedicated to music

In 2020, a group of key  actors from the music scene in Aarhus joined forces to dedicate a whole year  to music. They formed the association Music City Aarhus 2022, which is run by Promus.  

The goal was to strengthen the city’s cultural  identity and sense of community, create shared musical experiences for the citizens of Aarhus, and support and develop the local music industry and  artists.

As the COVID pandemic  struck and brought the entire music industry to its knees, the initiative gained  another goal: to restart the music- and cultural life for citizens, businesses,  and people in the music industry after the COVID crisis.

Music City Aarhus 2022 was launched on the 26th  of March 2022, under the title ‘Let’s Come Together’, with several music  activities and events around the city and a big concert where some of the  most prominent local artists performed.

Since then, Music City Aarhus 2022 has supported more than 200 vastly different events, primarily  focusing on supporting the city’s talent pool and growth layer. In  close cooperation and with backing from foundations and the City of Aarhus, over 2 million euros has been given in support for concerts and festivals.

Today, the initiative is  still working to foster collaborations across music, business, and municipalities to benefit the entire city of Aarhus.


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About Promus

Promus is a networking platform and collective for the professional music community and was established in 2010. Some of their activities include matchmaking, networking, competence development in the form of industry courses, a successful mentoring scheme, and general advice and knowledge sharing for people in the music industry.  

Promus work with many of the key players in the Danish music industry. They collaborate closely with SPOT Festival, they are co-initiators of Music  Cities Network, and currently, they function as the secretariat responsible for Music City Aarhus 2022.

Photo credit: Martin Dam Kristensen