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EGGS Design: Taking maritime sustainability to another level

October 26, 2022

As part of Nordic Ports for a Sustainable Future, Port Esbjerg, one of Denmark’s largest commercial ports wants to lead the field in improved maritime sustainability. With 6000 vessels docking every year and 4,5 million tonnes of cargo handled, the port authorities faced the elaborate task of providing a more sustainable waste sorting system. EGGS was invited on board to help design the best possible solution.

Taking maritime sustainability to another level

Port Esbjerg wanted to create a waste sorting system of an international standard that could function as a benchmark for the sustainable handling of waste for other ports. Their old system had worked well but occasionally experienced difficulties with waste being incorrectly sorted according to regulations leading to unnecessary costs and pollution.

In close collaboration with the port authorities, EGGS led the innovation process of creating a new holistic waste sorting system which was nominated for the Danish Ports Sustainability Award.

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