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Funday Games: Having fun, thinking big, staying curious & being kind

April 19, 2023

When Anders Leicht Rohde founded Funday in 2011, his dream was to create a workplace that would make Mondays seem like Fridays and everything in between a fun ride with exciting projects and awesome people. Therefore, it has always been extremely important for Funday to grow, nurture and maintain a strong culture that makes the studio a special place to work. To achieve this, their core values are infused into everything they do and reflect what it’s like working at Funday.

Having fun, thinking big, staying curious & being kind


Funday’s four key values consist of having fun, thinking big, staying curious & being kind. To have fun, they value sharing daily laughs with colleagues, partners, and clients alike, and they truly believe you have to have fun to make fun.


At Funday, they also have big ambitions, and therefore, they need to think big. With the world as their playground, they seek new opportunities and challenge ideas, partners, and standards to raise the bar for everything they do.


In addition, they stay curious. The world of games and technology is evolving rapidly - therefore, they always strive to learn more, broaden their horizon, improve their skills, and share the knowledge they gain.


Last but certainly not least, Funday value kindness. They always help each other out and brew a new pot of coffee like equals. They’re honest and embark upon everyday adventures with ambition and humility to ensure a sustainable business with room for real people.

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About Funday Games

Funday Games was founded in 2011 and is located in Filmbyen, Aarhus. They believe in light-hearted games across platforms that foster positive communities and bring people together.

They have produced +60 games during the last 12 years for partners like Snapchat, LEGO, Apple, and SYBO Games. In 2023, they have two premium PC titles planned for release: their cowboy-life-sim ‘Don’t Die in the West’ and a bullet heaven auto-shooter in the Deep Rock Galactic universe called ‘Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor.’

Funday comprises 45 passionate and experienced developers specializing in games, engagement, and digital experiences.